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metadata.dc.type: masterThesis
Título : Melodic and Harmonic Ear Training for Guitar
Autor : Pazmiño Betancourt, André Sebastián
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Cole, Brian
Fecha de publicación : jul-2015
Editorial : Boston / Berklee College of Music / 2015
Citación : Pazmiño Betancourt, André Sebastián. (2015). Melodic and Harmonic Ear Training for Guitar. (Trabajo de titulación de la Maestría en Música) Berklee College of Music. Boston. 75 p.
Descripción : One of the most important components of performing music is listening. Learning to listen musically comes along with a basic and primary foundation of musicianship, which is ear training. In my personal experience, I could define ear training as the exercise of recognition and comprehension of musical language. Moreover, the main goal of ear training is to develop the basic components of the musical craft: first of all, it helps music readers to hear written music while looking at a particular piece of music; it aids composers in notating and arranging; and finally, it enhances performers vocabulary and understanding of the music they are hearing (Prosser 2000, 6). Furthermore, I believe that ear training is a powerful tool that reinforces the learning process of any musical instrument. For instance, the guitar player’s learning process is complex and very wide because of the disposition of the notes throughout the fret board; however, by applying ear training the mapping of notes will become more consistent and solid.
URI : http://repositorio.educacionsuperior.gob.ec/handle/28000/4598
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