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Título : Analysis and Optimization of the Thermal Performance of Social Housing Construction Materials in Ecuador.
Autor : Palme, Massimo
Fecha de publicación : 2016
Citación : Palme, M. et al. (2016).Analysis and Optimization of the Thermal Performance of Social Housing Construction Materials in Ecuador. 32nd International Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture . Estados Unidos.
Resumen : Social housing policies in Latin America have focused on reducing the quantitative housing deficit, ignoring the qualitative characteristics of the dwellings. In the case of Ecuador, this situation has caused a serious inattention to the quality of social housing, which is mainly due to the lack of regulations on energy efficiency in buildings and the lack of standards that provide minimum requirements for acceptable thermal indoor environments. The social dwelling assessed in this study is constructed with the same building materials in every region of Ecuador despite the different climatic conditions. For this reason, this type of housing does not meet minimum living conditions related to thermal comfort, which is why they become part of the qualitative housing deficit. To evaluate the thermal performance of the social dwelling, building energy simulations and optimization analysis were performed in this research. The results demonstrated that the original building materials used in these dwellings are not the best option since they do not ensure appropriate living conditions during all the occupancy periods. Therefore, combinations of construction materials that improve the indoor thermal conditions are recommended for each climatic macro-zone.
metadata.dc.description.uri: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/305462556_Analysis_and_Optimization_of_the_Thermal_Performance_of_Social_Housing_Construction_Materials_in_Ecuador
URI : http://repositorio.educacionsuperior.gob.ec/handle/28000/4098
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