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Fecha de publicaciónTítuloAutor(es)
2017A Dynamical Sliding Mode Control Approach for Long Deadtime Systems.Camacho Quintero, Oscar Eduardo
2015A flexible hardware platform for applications in power electronics research and educationAller, José; Viola, Julio; Restrepo Zambrano, José Alex
2015A flooding routing algorithm for a wireless sensor network for seismic events.Huerta, Mónica
2015A fluid dynamics model for wind turbine generators in equatorial environmentsHuerta, Mónica; Rojo Álvarez, José Luis
2016A Fourth Narcissistic Wound: The Question Concerning the AnthropoceneRoss, Daniel
2015A Framework for Prevasive Marketing Intelligence.Mota Pinto, Filipe Jorge
2017A Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller from a reduced order model: A mobile robot experimental application.Camacho Quintero, Oscar Eduardo
2016A fuzzy transition based approach for fault severity prediction in helical gearboxes.Cerrada Lozada, Mariela; Chuan, Li
dic-2015A GC-MS method for volatile profiling of odour compounds after thermal desorption from sample collection tubesMatysik, Jorg; Widdig, Anja; Marcillo Lara, Andrea Carolina
2014A General-purpose Crowdsourcing Platform for Mobile DevicesSappa, Ángel Domingo
2015A hybrid approach with agent-based simulation and clustering for sociograms.Barrasa, Ángel
oct-2014A Kinect based approach to assist in the Diagnosis and Quantification of Parkinson’s DiseaseSánchez Crespo, Luis Enrique
2015A kinect-based system for lower limb rehabilitation in parkinson's disease patients: a pilot studyPalacios, Guillermo
2015A kinect-based virtual reality system for Parkinson disease rehabilitationPalacios, Guillermo
2003A la hora del recreo, snacks de amarantoLara Valdez, Nelly
2015A Local Approach to Optimise the Scale Parameter in Multiresolution Segmentation for Multispectral ImageryCánovas García, Fulgencio José
12-jul-2015A macroeconometric model of energy for public policyCantore, Cristiano; D'Autume, Antoine; Giraud, Gaël; Juillard, Michel; Ponssard, Jean-Pierre; Voudouris, Vlasios; Acurio Vásconez, Verónica Margarita
2017A mantle length structured stock assessment model for the jumbo squid, Dosidicus gigas, fishery of the Ecuadorian Pacific: a limited data approachMorales, Enrique
2016A method of verifying the statistical performance of electronic circuits designed to analyze the power qualityHernández, Wilmar; Zato, José Gabriel
nov-2014A method to determine unique lipids in mosquitoes using High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography coupled to Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption lonisation Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry (TLC-MALDI-FTMS)Roessner, Ute; Dias, Daniel Anthony; Sarabia López, Lenin Daniel