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2013An analysis of the relationship between higher education performance and socio-economic and technological indicators: The Latin American case study.Feyen, Jan; Van Hoof, Hubert Bernard María
2012Development of a conceptual model of the hydrologic response of tropical Andean micro-catchments in Southern EcuadorFeyen, Jan
2012Estimating hysteresis in the soil water retention curve from monolith experimentsFeyen, Jan
2011Identification of the runoff generation processes in a montane cloud forest combining hydrometric data and mixing model analysisFeyen, Jan
2011Identifying controls of the rainfall-runoff response of small catchments in the tropical Andes (Ecuador)Feyen, Jan
2015Mining from a conflicting to a collaborative activity: Review of literatureFeyen, Jan
2012Preliminary evaluation of the runoff processes in a remote montane cloud forest basin using Mixing Model Analysis and Mean Transit TimeFeyen, Jan
2015Sampling frequency trade-offs in the assessment of mean transit times of tropical montane catchment waters under semi-steady-state conditionsFeyen, Jan
2013Understanding mean transit times in Andean tropical montane cloud forest catchments: combining tracer data, lumped parameter models and uncertainty analysis.Feyen, Jan
2014Understanding uncertainties when inferring mean transit times of water through tracer-based lumped-parameter models in Andean tropical montane cloud forest catchments.Feyen, Jan